Professional Power CoachingStatue of the goddess of the Minerva, it is photographed in Russia.

It can be difficult to succeed if your confidence has been shaken by office power plays, bullying or controlling relationships.  Rather than focusing on the problem people, you can learn to rise above these experiences and own your power.

I help women who face workplace bullies or a difficult work environment to restore and maintain their power, and confidence, so they are not thrown off their path.

Minerva’s Sanctuary – Coaching for Personal Power

I help you change the way you think and feel and show you how to transcend the toxic and attract the ideal relationships.  I provide a safe place to restore your personal power and success if you have been targeted by bullies or power plays.

Coaching programs of five or more sessions give you a firm foundation for changing your experience.  This is not just about dealing with the difficult, but doing the inner work to attract easy, supportive relationships personally or professionally.

You can exercise your power to lead, succeed, create and collaborate. And, you can be powerful without having to control anyone else or get the upper hand or have power over them.

I provide strategies which immediately improve the situation so you can catch your breath, as well as a boost in confidence and consciousness which can break old patterns and attract ideal interactions.

As a result, you can recover and redirect your energy to your own goals.  Have the confidence to  accomplish your important life mission and attract ideal relationships which support you on your path.

Schedule a  Free 30-minute Session 

This free consulting session is a short confidence building exercise to get in touch with your personal power and let you determine whether my services can benefit you.

Email to schedule a free 30 minute phone appointment to experience my approach.

Intuitive Guidance

Get intuitive support or learn to get in touch with your own intuition.  Those of us who are very empathic or sensitive face different challenges in relationships and in maintaining boundaries which serve us well.  Use intuition to serve you in healthy interactions.


Minerva’s Owl – Use your Sensitivity for Greater Awareness

Intuitive coaching can help you set boundaries and break unhealthy patterns.  You can learn to use your empathy in productive and helpful ways for decision making, perceiving and changing patterns, and improving relationships.

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Moving into a Different, More Enlightened World

Those of us who have been targeted by the toxic, need to break the pattern and see that a better relationship to the world and to each other is possible.

Those of us who are marginalized for any reason by the conventional wisdom of common thought, need to transcend this thinking.  There is a world of plenty, of respect, of personal power, which you can access regardless of background, age, or gender.

Venus statue , Trieste

The Dalai Lama said the world would be saved by western women.  Imagine how it would be if we support each other to make that happen!

Imagine if when you need a job, an introduction, support in the workplace, someone to listen, you could connect with another woman and know that you could exchange that kind of support instead of advise or criticism!

Schedule a  Free 30-minute Session 

This free consulting session is a short confidence building exercise to get in touch with who you really are and let you determine whether my services can benefit you.

Email to schedule a 30 minute phone appointment to experience my approach.


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