View More: help people to transform and transcend toxic interactions, both personal and professional, to experience and attract healthy, easy relationships.

As a Certified Relationship Coach, an MBA, and experienced manager, I have helped people deal with difficult relationships, personally and professionally, and gain freedom from workplace bullying and relationship patterns that don’t serve them.

I am a mindset expert with a unique approach for helping you build confidence, exercise healthy power and enjoy easy, healthy and loving relationships.  My clients find it easy to improve their state of being and attract healthy, easy relationships and interactions.

Author of:

Bullies in the Workplace:  Finding Freedom in a World of Power Plays

Finding True Love Despite Some False Starts

Take Back Your Power

About Enlightened Interaction 

Whether it is a controlling coworker, your manipulative mom, the bully boss, or a seething spouse who steals your power, I can show you how to recover your power and peace of mind.

Best of all, you can attract an entirely different sort of relationship!  I have been certified by love attraction expert and international best selling author, Kathryn Alice in surefire ways to attract the relationship you want.

If you have been entangled with difficult people personally or professionally or have been the target of bullying -and many of us have – you can take your power back.

There are strategies to change the interaction and reduce your chances of being targeted.  You can even use your experience to enhance your current and new relationships!

Even if you have had repeated relationships with controlling people – and many of us have – you can break that pattern now.

You can learn to maintain your peace and personal power and people around you will generally respond more respectfully.  A truly powerful state of being does not challenge anyone else’s power, so it allows controlling people to relax their control.

You can release some of the toxic entanglement  and restore your energy and enthusiasm.

You can see others more clearly, politely decline the role of victim, and avoid difficult people much more of the time.  You can transcend these experiences by changing your mindset and attract a delightfully different kind of relationship.

You do not have to choose whether to control others or be controlled.  You can have personal power and freedom from control.  You can allow others that freedom as well.

Schedule a free 30-minute session

This free consulting session is a short confidence building exercise to get in touch with who you really are and let you determine whether my services can benefit you.

Access my calendar to schedule.

Ruth Wilson

MBA and Certified Life Coach

248-990-1902 Eastern Time Zone

Love Attraction Coach, certified through Kathryn Alice international bestselling author of Love Will Find You

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  1. 1 Kathy T. January 19, 2012 at 2:00 am

    I can attest to both Ruth’s journey and her ability to help people. I met Ruth several years ago when I was in search of some healing work. I am proud to call her my friend. She really loves to help people and is an avid learner. She has helped me numerous times both balance my energy, clear my energy fields, and guided me in my learning. I trust her implicitly and I don’t say that about many people in my life. Ruth is always willing to take time with her clients and never rushes them. She helps you understand what is going on in your life through energy work. She guides you through your session and you are always safe. Some people are nervous or even afraid to seek the kind of help that Ruth can provide. I assure you that any fear or nervousness will quickly subside when you are taking that journey with Ruth as your guide.

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