How Intuitive Information Benefits You

Whether an intuitive friend or professional provides information, or you learn to access it for yourself, the nature of the information provides benefits over other ways of knowing.

Connecting the dots.  Intuition brings together diverse ideas, associating things you might not think were related.  It rarely provides information you didn’t already know on some level, but it may present knowledge in a new and helpful way.  It can provide the “Aha” moments of realization, such as:  how I could put my skills together differently, why he’s acting that way, issues that need to be addressed, what my client or friend really wants.

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Recognizing important talents, benefits and resources.  Many people ignore at least one of their strongest talents or they got talked into someone else’s not-very-empowering evaluation of their skills and character. Recognizing your inventory of awesomeness can empower you greatly and set you off in a good direction.

Understanding Relationships.  It can be useful to see the effect your relationships have on your energy.  Whether your job is what’s making you tired or you need to set strong boundaries with a sibling or friend, managing your energy improves your life.  Developing this emotional intelligence allows the energy of your emotions to flow without resistance or and keeps your awareness in the present, improving your well being.

Non judgmental neutrality.  A clean, respectful presentation of intuitive information makes it available for use in decision making or responding to a situation.  The information may be presented with suggestions for use.  If it comes with scolding, judgement, and strong prescriptions, you should question whether it’s someone’s opinion masquerading as intuition.

Hope and optimism.  It can be really very hard to predict the future, especially these days!  Looking at trends of events or energy can predict challenges, but can also, almost always, point out constructive directions and positive outcomes.

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