Love is Out There?

Whenever I lead clients through emotional clearing, they get to a basic underlying state, below the shifting emotions, and they almost always describe this state as love.

Indeed, love is our field state; the energy at the core of the being, and its power is always present and available.  With this force as the very fabric of our beings, why then, do we find it so hard to believe that we can attract the experience of love into our lives?

Our world of competition and dueling soundbites is more and more convincing us that love is some unnatural thing; a prize which must be earned by biological attraction; a game that’s hard to win.  Unplug from the media and practice the slightest bit of mindful present awareness and discover instead that love has been right in your own back yard all along.

We must be convinced that no matter what we experienced before, love is available, right here aloversnd now.  That frustrating, invalidating experience you had before – that was not love – and it did not disqualify you from love.

Love is always available.  It is a clean-burning fuel which drives anyone who pursues a specific mission.  It is the force needed for success and satisfaction.  The importance of setting   boundaries is to channel the power of love in ways that feed and enrich life; in ways which also attract relationships which feed and enrich life.

Love, thwarted, by relating to those incapable of empathy or bonding, can lead one to believe that love doesn’t exist.  The call for love remains unanswered, so it appears that love is not “out there.“

The solution is to turn to the love that is “in here” at the core of the being and tend to that, valuing it highly, protecting it with good boundaries and practicing selectivity which comes with self esteem.

Attracting good relationships, for love or money, relies on a state of being which is tapped into the inner and ever-present state of love.   Allowing your love to act as a magnet for good things involves getting beyond the chatter and the one-up competition which comprise the media’s hypnotic story of an ugly reality.

Becoming and remaining present, experiencing emotions such as compassion and joy, and developing a high level of healthy self esteem, bring the state of love into clear focus and create an irresistible attraction to love in all its forms.

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