The Key to Legitimate Personal Power

If you’ve been a victim of politics and power plays, narcissistic abuse, manipulative managers or mobs, you may have been told and sold a lie about power.   The people who perpetuate power over tactics, or bullying, would have you feel disempowered.

You may think you can lose your power to someone else.  You might have come to believe that if one person has power, another does not; that if you win, someone else must lose.  If you believe these things, they are true. This is the reality which is touted by the thug, control freak or manipulative.

However, if you would restore and use your personal power and regain your confidence, you must subscribe to a different version of reality; one in which you can be powerful without having to control anyone else or get the upper hand or have power over them.

The key to personal power is found in the word personal.  Your true power wells up from your individuality and uniqueness.

Calling on this form of power, you can prevail over the one-up mentality of the bully, as long as you don’t buy into that world view.  I would not recommend pitting your personal power against a bully, because there is surely an environment which is a better fit for your unique strengths.  However, if you find yourself in a mean environment, restoring your personal power is the best way to navigate the perils.
The civil world view is much kinder, more organic and relies on your unique strengths rather than any form of struggle.  What’s more, in this reality, power is attainable and unassailable.

There is no need to look over your shoulder.

The truth you must keep in sight is that you are unique and uniquely powerful.  There is no real competition.  The more you are true to your core self, the more attractive you are to situations and people which suit you ideally.

statue the Minerva

Statue of Minerva, 

When you integrate and express your true power, there is no such think as rejection.  There is only poor fit for people and situations.  If there’s a poor fit, then move on to more suitable situations – the sooner the better.

You can be coached to be more powerful and this will help you to more fully align with and express your unique self.  There is magic in this form of power.  It has the midas touch about it. It contains a love potion, and wards off the evil eye.

This is the power you need to be successful, satisfied and pursue your important life mission.

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