The Magic E Mail Inbox

These are the enlightened interactions of the day.
As I make a big push in my life to get past the limited and competitive relationships which are so common, I am, of course, very stressed out.  Everything is changing.  I stand on what feels like quicksand and do my best to remember the advice about quicksand:  relax, don’t struggle…
But there is something about the intention and effort to move out of controlling and competitive relationships.  The universe, it seems, supports cooperation and collaborative relationships and it gives me what I need in episodes of grace.  
This isn’t just the Pollyanna in me talking.  Those of you who know me, know that the Jeremiah in me is often much louder; his prophesies of doom drowning out poor Pollyanna.  But those of you who know me, also know that I have one foot firmly planted in the world of facts and science, and science strongly supports my belief that nature, if not the whole Universe, supports collaboration for humankind.  We are wired for Enlightened Interactions.
If you doubt me, you can trust Lynn McTaggart, a science writer who has reported the study after study after study all showing that humans survive not by competition but by cooperation.  McTaggart’s book, The Bond reports this encouraging science in an easy to read way.
As I have taken concrete steps to move out of the snares of competitive and controlling interactions, here is what has happened within a few days.   It seems that I have a magic email inbox which brings me  encouragement and useful information when I need it most.
  • I returned from a party feeling on the fringes and left out of the group.  I open my email to find one from a friend I haven’t seen much.  She says she knows I’m going through big changes and asks if I need her support.  How reassuring that is!  As I complete a life changing transaction the next day, she metaphorically holds my hand by phone, making everything easier.
  • I’m noticing huge competition between me and someone dear to me.  I’m very sad about it and feeling unheard and disconnected.  The magic email is waiting for me when I get home, this time revealing that a couple of business connections who know nothing of my personal relationship want me to collaborate (notice that word!) with them and help each other deal with deal with this competitive behavior in our practices.
  • A radical change is occurring in my work and I feel rather threatened by it, coming as it does, when everything else in my life is changing.  I wake worried, but find an email message from a healer I worked with last year.  He offers reassurance and excellent advice that works.
  • Even Amazon, it seems, is attending to my needs and cooperating with me!  After a long product search for a certain set of shelves, I went to bed, still puzzling over where to find what I want.  I have a very clear picture in my mind of what I need for a certain space in my home.  I have seen nothing remotely like it.  The next morning, the magic email again:  this time containing a message from Amazon.  It says something like, “Is this what you’re looking for?”  There is a picture of the shelving unit which is very, very close to what I imagined and selling for a reasonable price.  How did they know?

The shelves are on their way as I write.

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