You may want to sit out this dance.

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As I design my upcoming online course Emotional Freedom from Difficult People, and attempt to write about my personal experience on a daily basis, I am faced with the most basic question: Why do I concern myself with difficult people?

Why deal with difficult people at all? Why not just avoid them? But how many of us can leave a job, right now, because the boss has no empathy? Not all of us are willing to sever ties with a parent who doesn’t respect our boundaries or drop a class in our degree program because the instructor is a tyrant.

Wherever I go, I find people who want to engage in battles of will. I am far from alone in this experience. I am morally opposed to the notion that I must submit to these people or make them submit to me.

Those of us, who desire to see a more collaborative spirit prevail, must act on the desire. Abusive control and bullying is rife in our society. It is widespread because it gets the results the tyrant wants. When will it stop? It will stop when it no longer works.

I have discovered ways that most of us, much of the time, can step out of the dance of victim and tyrant and make bullying generally less profitable.

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