Are You Here to Share Your Gifts…or to Suffer a Petty Tyrant?

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photo pin cc

photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photo pin cc

I’m pretty sure that God did not put us on this planet at this time in our evolution so that we could look over our shoulders, compulsively check every task, distrust our own judgment and hide our talents under a bushel of second guessing the petty tyrants in our lives. But that’s what happens if we work for, date or marry a controlling person.

My friend Dina is the most confident person I know. When I want to evince confidence, I think of Dina. A few years ago Dina worked for a woman who turned out to be confusing and explosive. She gave directions and later denied having given them; accusing Dina of being confused. Dina was confused alright. As this behavior escalated Dina resorted to recording conversations and double and triple checking her work.

When Dina found a new job, she verified instructions and double checked her work. It really slowed her down and sapped her energy. She had been insidiously conditioned to distrust herself. Eventually Dina remembered that she was the most efficient person in the Lower Peninsula and reclaimed her gifts and skills. Soon she had a new problem. Her fellow employees suggested she should slow down.

Many of us can tell a story like Dina’s. That’s why I am offering Emotional Freedom from Difficult People, an online class starting in November.

I would change the petty tyrant for you if I could, but I can’t. I can teach you to manage your thoughts and feelings so that you feel okay. You can get rid of that facial twitch and sleep all night. You can interrupt the unconscious patterns that make a person difficult. And, you can interrupt your own patterns that keep you in lock-step with such people.

This is not assertiveness training. I do not give you a script. I teach you skills that enable you to determine the mental and emotional climate you live in – no matter where you are or with whom!

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