Difficult People are Actually Quite Predictable

Angry hissing catI have determined to offer a weekly class called Emotional Freedom from Difficult People. My business coach challenged me to blog about it every day. “Do people want to hear about this every day?” I wondered.

They do if they are dealing with difficult people, and way too many of us are. No one dares speak of the difficult people who have a positive knack for landing in management positions in the most socially responsible organizations. But we have all gone through periods of early morning wakefulness, confusion about interactions with the boss, or dreading a certain co worker.

Difficult people creep into our personal lives too. Which of us has not dated Bluebeard’s brother at some point? Some of us were raised by a Screaming Mimi or Seething Sam, or we dated Prince Charming only to have him magically turn into a frog when we kissed him.

So what do you need to know to keep your sanity and serenity with these folks? Difficult people are actually quite predictable when you understand what makes them — make you tic. There are tools and techniques that will help.

You need to know what you are up against and why this person’s behavior confuses you. You can learn, pretty easily, to stop the energy drain from difficult people and even to benefit from their controlling dynamics. You cannot change them, but you can influence their behavior, get them out of your head and give yourself some space to be at peace.

Check out Emotional Freedom from Difficult People and consider taking the series or dropping in for individual sessions of this online class that starts November 7.

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