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Enlightened Business Planning: Eliminate self sabotage by Whole Mind alignment with plans.

58414513-2485-4481-aa8a-438b93e0c1c9When you are not fully aligned with your plans, the parts of you which are following a different agenda will trip you up if they can. Your message gets garbled; you get distracted and miss deadlines; people just sense something is off and are not attracted to what you have on offer.

We consciously use far less than the whole mind. Most of us aren’t even close to a majority vote when it comes to putting the various parts of ourselves behind our plans. Yet, it is possible to get the whole mind involved in your endeavors so your plans have more power. And, you don’t have to program your subconscious mind or know what your dreams mean in order to do this. There are fairly easy ways to draw on the deeper, more creative parts of your mind and respond to any dissonance so that your plans are aligned with your deeper mind and your deeper creative mind is aligned with your plans.

Intuitive MBA is a series of three online classes hosted by LightMuse Intuitive Living, which will help you put your whole mind behind your business plans. We will use mental and emotional processes (intuitive tools) to create alignment with the deep creative mind. This class is geared to intuitives and energy healers, because of the energetic nature of their work, but really, anyone can use these sessions to focus more power on their intentions for business.

Sessions are on Saturdays from 2 to 4 p.m. EST, online. Cost is $75.
January 19: Aligning with Perfect Clients
February 2: Energetic Business Structures
February 16: Energetic Advertising

Go to to register for the course, and of course, mail me with any questions

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