Manifest THIS!

I’m tired, tired, tired of hearing the dollar store new-age experts tell me how to get results with the Law of Attraction.  “Just manifest a job,”  they say. “Manifest money.  Just visualize it.”

I’ve experimented for longer with the Law of Attraction than most of the self proclaimed experts have been in this incarnation.  The bright young things in yoga pants who feel that they have mastered the subject matter after a class at Unity seem to think I just don’t get it.

I’ve actually taken a number of classes at Unity and think they are pretty darn good.  I’ve also read hundreds (literally) of books on the subject.  I’ve been positive, visualized good things and gotten results:  bizarre results… or no results…and once-in-a-blue-moon miraculous results.  I would think it was just my inherent negativity and curmudgeonly personality except for… um… well, …everyone else’s experience seems to be pretty much like mine!

The bright young things who tell me to be positive or detach from results are not generally all that successful themselves and I’m just too polite to point that out to them.  Thirty percent of the population pursue self-improvement, but fewer than one percent get results.

Face it:  Whom do you know who has manifested a fortune, the love of their life, or a fabulous job using the Law of Attraction?  Why are we in a huge economic downturn after Oprah’s huge audience was exposed to The Secret?  The fact is this:  It isn’t working for most of us.

Do I think the Law of Attraction is real?  Generally, yes!  I’ve experienced it, but not usually as I’d expect.  There is actually quite a bit of high quality scientific evidence that the mind affects reality.

I am experimenting with Law of Attraction now.  I have decided to follow some programs for focusing my thoughts on success, for clearing out negative beliefs, for promoting good feelings.  (I hope I can manifest enough money to pay for these products!)

It’s been interesting.  I am recording my experiences here: or at  in the Law of Attraction Diaries.  Read them and let me know what you think…but please know that I will delete any comments that say, “All you need to do is…”  And, if you tell me to cancel my negative thoughts, I will block your comments!

1 Response to “Manifest THIS!”

  1. 1 Michaelene July 14, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    I agree 100% with what you wrote! I have been ‘working’ on the Law of Attraction as well and am having similar results. I’ve found that not much results until I become extremely emotional about the lack of attraction, or manifesting, in my life. Amazingly I simply haven’t figured out how to survive on simply breathing (heavy sarcasm).

    As far as those ‘young things’ go… they are too young to have really experienced the ups and downs life throws at all of us to be able to speak from their soul about manifesting.

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