What’s in Your Subconscious?

In the last five years, millions of people have watched The Secret and learned how to use the power of thought and visualization to get what they want out of life. Millions more have bought related programs and products for manifesting their dream life.

Consequently, many of these millions have become wealthy beyond belief and married their soul mates, right? You probably have several close friends who have achieved their dreams this way, right?


In fact, demographics in the US are showing the opposite trend. Wealth is concentrated among fewer people, and a couple years after the Law of Attraction became a popular topic, we experienced the most profound economic downturn in decades.

When you don’t get results with manifestation techniques (usually visualization plus positive thinking and affirmations,) you may be accused of being negative, or of not really following the instructions properly. The truth is that less than one percent of people get the desired results from self help or self improvement programs.

If our school system failed to teach 99% of our children to read and blamed the failure on the student, we would consider the program a failure, but when one of us fails to manifest our dreams, the coaches and seminar leaders tell us we are being negative! I find it hard to believe that over 99% of us are negative slackers or that we cannot read and follow important directions!

Some critics say the Law of Attraction only works if you take action and they criticize The Secret for not advising action. I think this criticism is unfounded. The times that my thoughts have manifested in experience, I often took no sensible action. Besides, most of the self improvement believers I know are quite proactive and still don’t get the results they want on a consistent basis.
So is there a Law of Attraction or a Law of Coincidence?

If you read Dean Radin’s The Conscious Universe, you will find plenty of impeccable scientific evidence for believing in the power of the mind. By impeccable, I mean double blind, replicated studies. And because the researchers are dealing with woo- woo topics, they are even more careful than usual.

So, I don’t think the Law of Attraction experts are selling us a bill of goods. I do think they mostly teach about the power of the mind without really understanding the mind very well.

I accept the evidence that the mind can be used to affect our experience. But only about 10% of that mind is within our conscious awareness, and most of us don’t do a very good job controlling that! If you expect to control the other 90% with affirmations, I wish you luck.

I have been seeking ways to affect the subconscious for years. I have tried a lot of approaches from affirmations to hypnosis, tapping to energy healing, shadow work to magic, for dealing with my unconscious “blocks” or “programs.” There are a lot of techniques that help, but I’ve only found a few which are really powerful. When I find something that works, I include that in my coaching practice.

If you find you cannot succeed in some aspect of your life, or find yourself in the same (inadequate) relationship over and over again, I will bet dollars to doughnuts that you have some unconscious pattern operating that is stopping you. Some of the techniques I use or recommend can be very helpful for identifying and dealing with unconscious patterns that trip you up.

The easiest way for you to evaluate what is in your own subconscious is to look at what’s in your experience. Especially, consider the most joyful and most trying experiences which repeat for you along with all your knee jerk reactions. Also look at behavior, reactions or moods which you find difficult to control.

The most insidious cause of unconscious blocks is fear, and because it is a survival mechanism, your unconscious clings tightly to it in order to protect you. If you have experienced trauma or abuse in relationships, at work, or in the service, you may not benefit from self improvement efforts until the fear is addressed.

If you want to manifest a better experience, seek trauma therapy if appropriate. Also seek the assistance of someone who can discern your unconscious patterns. Better yet, get assistance from someone who can help you change those patterns.  I offer a self guided coaching program wich leads you through all the techniques which have worked for me on the Products page, here, at https://enlightenedinteraction.com/services/

When you change the unconscious patterns that run your life, you start getting better results. I am not sure you will manifest a million dollars, but I can almost promise that the quality of your life will change significantly.

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