You’ve Got the Power

Is it really a dog eat dog world?

Do you consider yourself a powerful person? Let me assure you that you are – or you could be. What most of us have been taught about power is either that some people have power over us or that we can or should have power over them. It’s a dog eat dog world!

Is it really? I have never in my long life seen a dog eat dog. In fact, it seems to me that generally, dogs get along pretty effectively together. The hierarchy serves the pack, not an individual dog.

There are those people who would have power over you, and control you for their own ends. There is a good chance you work with or for one of these people who lack empathy. If you are in an intimate relationship with one of them, then you have probably been convinced that you have no personal power.

It is extremely important that those of us who are complete human beings – with the full complement of traits like a soul and a conscience – learn to exercise our personal power. I am not talking about having power over those who would over power you. I am talking about having your own, native, god-given power.

Consider that one in 25 of us is a psychopath; a person with no empathy. That’s 4%. Consider also, that one in 10 business managers is a psychopath. That’s 10%, which is two and a half times the incidence of these people in the general public. Who is in control, then, if ten percent of the managers of companies, who take our lawmakers out to dinner, are self serving people? Just look at the banking crisis if you don’t know the answer.

Those of us who have consciences and empathy do not need to lie down and let the other 4% rule us. Owning our power is a good defense against the dark arts strategy. But, owning your power is really about you, not others. It will not knock the petty tyrants out of power in the short run. Owning your power will, however, make you less likely to be a sitting duck for their machinations and make it easier for you to recover if you are on the receiving end of a controlling relationship.

Your inner power is an astounding force that you probably take for granted. The power of your thoughts and feelings is huge, but you have probably been taught to stuff your feelings and downplay your thoughts. Many of us who are aware of using our intuition, can sense free flowing energy that the body takes in much as it breathes in air. Of course, most of us have been taught that this energy does not exist. But it does, and you can test it out yourself.

Much like breathing oxygen, your body takes in energy in various ways whether you are aware of it or not. But, like breathing oxygen, you can also control how much energy you take in just as you can control your breathing.

The simplest approach is to become present to your life force. Bring your consciousness fully into your body by feeling your hands and feet. Imaging you have your head in the heavens and your feet are rooted to the earth. Be aware of looking out of your eyes. Straighten your spine and feel or imagine the warm tingle of your life force running up and down your spine. Feel this force build up in the center of your body and be here now.

Enter a room full of people after doing this exercise. You will sense a huge difference in the way they respond to you.

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